Patented Technology

Using tap water, the FogScreen® emits ultrasonic waves to create a “virtual” projection screen that appears to float in air.

Fully Customisable

Rear-project your logo, message or artwork into dry fog.

Fire Alarm Proof

No waterworks here! The FogScreen® emits a fine mist which is detectable by human touch – not by building alarms.


FogScreen® can not only be seen but felt. It has significant applications in special interest locations, events and launches. See your guests try and “catch” the mist.

Indoor Installation

A low draft ensures a steady sheet of fog for maximum impact.

Social Media Ready

FogScreen® delivers that unique wow factor. Your guests will want to stop, snap and share.







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FogScreen® Brings Your Event To Life!

Our units deliver an unforgettable experience and are best suited for settings such as Museums, Cinemas, Nightclubs, Casinos, Shopping Malls, Fashion Shows, Trade Fairs, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Weddings, and any other special event.

FogScreen® is guaranteed to create a much talked-about showstopper! No two events are the same and our FogScreen® units store regular tap water in its reserve, with the capacity to run unmonitored all night or for 4-6 hours. Best of all, it is so dry you can stand in it, touch it or even walk right through it.