Your Event Showstopper

FogScreen® Australia would love to help you create truly magical experiences to mesmerise and amaze your guests. We are sure that we can help create a captivating and effective solution with our FogScreen® units.

There are three main areas of application for our units: Entertainment, Pro AV and Retail & Digital Signage.

For more information, installation guidelines or information on content creation, contact our dedicated team who will be more than happy to assist.

Entertainment Applications

Place the screen at an entrance for a “reveal” effect, creating an unforgettable experience for customers from the moment they enter.

Divide rooms and influence customer flow without inhibiting floor space.

Have ghostly images float in mid-air and appear out of nowhere!

Create a magical ambience. FogScreen® can be used as a platform to showcase different ambient projections.

Increase dwell time and recall of key messages and concepts.

The application possibilities are truly endless – the only limit is your imagination!

Pro AV Applications

FogScreen® can bring magic into almost any type of event. FogScreen® is the perfect solution for all innovative AV & Event companies who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors by providing unforgettable experiences for their customers.

"We started in 2010 with 3 Pros and 2 Inias. During the year we did 29 events with high-end clients such as BMW, VW, Peugeot, Microsoft, West, L&M, Miele, UCB and Gazprom, and additionally re-sold 2 screens. Today we have 6 Pros and 1 New Generation eMotion in our inventory making us one of the largest FogScreen® providers in the world. The focus for next year is clear: more events with existing and new clients, bigger set-ups and new target segments for both rental and reseller operations."
Jan Neubauer, Screenrental s.r.o.

Retail & Digital Signage Applications

FogScreen® provides retailers and advertisers with the ultimate projection screen for attracting and holding the attention of shoppers. Not only does the FogScreen® allow shoppers to walk-through and physically interact with videos and logos but it can also be configured as a touch screen where high-impact images literally float in the air. With FogScreen® you can:

Increase visitor volumes and ensure high traffic to stores.

Get consumers to spend more time with brand messages and remember them better.

Highlight new products and promotions that get noticed.

Complement traditional out-of-home digital media.

Create experiences that can communicate any emotion or idea.

Fulfil people’s desire to be entertained and excited by an advertiser’s brand message.

These features make FogScreen® the most effective in-store marketing platform that is sure to captivate and mesmerise consumers!