FogScreen® eZ: 80cm wide screen.

This compact plug-and-play FogScreen® eZ projection screen can deliver attention-grabbing magic in smaller spaces.

The 1.03m wide New Generation eZ can bring the FogScreen® magic into almost any sized space, without inhibiting floor space. eZ is the perfect solution for permanent or non-permanent installations in the entertainment sector. With its plug & play feature, compact body design, sharp image and virtually drip-free characteristics, eZ can be adapted to fit any venue.

FogScreen® eMotion : 220cm wide screen.

This model is the perfect solution for the entertainment industry and also for fixed installations.

The 2.40m wide New Generation FogScreen® eMotion is the perfect solution for permanent or non-permanent installations in the entertainment sector. The FogScreen® eMotion has excellent picture quality and thanks to the new patented technology, it is virtually drip-free. eMotion is our so called plug and play model, i.e. the easiest FogScreen® to install, use and maintain because it has been designed with a compact body structure incorporating all the elements into the main screen housing. One power plug and one water line is all that’s needed to connect the screen and start wowing people.

FogScreen® Pro: 110cm wide screen.

A modular system with screens that seamlessly link together to allow you to do larger set-ups or multiple events at the same time.

The 1.10m wide Pro is the professional modular FogScreen® model for the Pro AV industry and larger set-ups. It creates seamlessly connectible images of any width in one meter sections, so with Pro you can do a larger screen or multiple events at the same time. Pro is designed to perform in more challenging environments and withstand frequent road use. It produces a taller fog flow and comes with a sophisticated external digital control unit allowing greater programmability and DMX controls. Pro is the most versatile FogScreen® model, which makes it the perfect tool for innovative AV and event companies looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Model Comparisons